Middle School Curriculum

Page’s departmentalized approach to learning is a conduit that continues our students’ educational journey in preparation of high school. Core curricula: such as reading, literature, writing, math, science, social studies, along with character development, physical education and sports, Spanish, fine arts, technology, study and organizational skills, as well as other electives provide a well-rounded program of study. Our curriculum is integrated with the latest technologies. Students are proficient in keyboarding, word documents, PowerPoint, web searches, and other multi-media technologies that promote critical upper-level thinking skills that provide for problem solving in both academic and real world situations.

Language Arts/Literature/Grammar/Writing
Students are encouraged to read vigorously, enthusiastically, and intensely both within and outside our literature-based curriculum. Varied genres such as fiction and non-fiction, novels and short stories, poetry, and dramas are explored. A strong foundation in oral and written communication is an essential element of the Language Arts Program. The correct usage of grammar, language, advanced vocabulary, spelling, and written skills provide for effective dissemination of ideas and thoughts.

The mathematics program guides students through general math, pre-algebra, introductory geometry, and Algebra I. It is essential that students demonstrate strong competencies in the knowledge of concepts, computation skills, fractions, decimals, ratios, percentages, problem solving, word problems, graphs and measures, and algebraic equations.

Through the mastery of scientific inquiry, students acquire the abilities to question, gather evidence, design an investigation, formulate answers, and then communicate the process and results. The course of study includes Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences. These scientific explorations include, observing, classifying, measuring, comparing and contrasting, predicting, hypothesizing, inferring, identifying, manipulating variables, interpreting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions.

Social Studies & History
Students develop an understanding of historical chronology, perspectives, and geography as they relate to ancient civilizations through today’s modern era. A historical perspective of American History from the founding of the country and relating them to current topics and events, challenge the student to ask questions, investigate, and draw conclusions.

Physical Education
The Page Physical Education Curriculum combines cardio-vascular exercise, sports and personal fitness. The school’s physical environment has been thoughtfully developed with the student’s need to be outdoors at the very forethought. Included in this program is an on-site swimming pool.

Foreign Language
The focal point of the Spanish class is communication. Basic grammar structures, verb conjugation, oral presentations, games, skits, and lessons will provide for the student to develop listening and speaking skills.

Fine Arts
Hands-on activities and exploration of the great artisans of the past and present are introduced and investigated. Art activities may include drawing, pottery, painting, sculpture, and history. The general music program includes simple rhythmus, chords, songs, and musical instruments.

Character Development
Nearly 100 years ago, Page School was founded on strong principals where our motto and code of ethics is: “GROWTH WITH HONOR.” The School’s goal is to promote self-discipline, responsibility, and respect that carries forward from the school community into the world. Each student is encouraged to do his or her best and are positively reinforced though a leveling awards program that may encompass not only academic achievement, sportsmanship, and citizenship; but also, school service, athletics, and improvement in any area of the school community. Students are encouraged to participate in such character building organizations as Student Council, National Junior Honor Society and Community Service.

Media Center/Library
The Media Center or library is the hub of the school where investigations of research, book reports, and story telling are running rampant! The media center houses thousands of books in a specially prepared environment that encourages reading and exploration. Books and materials are cataloged though a state-of the art library program to ease checkout and check–in for even our younger children.

Page Private School’s curriculum has deep roots in keeping the foundation of educational experiences solid, secure, and successful. Our school has been a pioneer in the use of technology as an educational tool for our students and staff for well over twenty years. In the 21st century, our students have increased opportunities to use technology as tools for research, composition, problem solving, and reinforcement of skills. Students frequently use video and multi-media, such as PowerPoint, presentations to facilitate reports and shared knowledge.


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