The fall season is upon us and the change in temperature will be a
welcome relief! The first quarter of the 2013-2014 school year has been
exciting, challenging and very rewarding. One of our primary goals here
at Page is to develop within each student a strong academic foundation
along with a genuine sense of self-respect, responsibility and
consideration towards others. We are constantly striving to provide
students with the opportunity to develop these traits while forming
meaningful relationships with their peers.
Our Special Friends turn out was amazing. It makes the students feel so
proud to have their special people come to school with them. Our third
annual iJog was also a huge success. The children from all four schools took to the track and enjoyed the music,
Gatorade, water, and fruit provided while they jogged. Thank you to all the parents who came out and ran with
their children, or just cheered them on by spraying them with cool water!
October also brings our first report card and Parent/Teacher conferences. We kindly request that you sign up for
a conference with your child’s teacher in order to receive the first quarter report card. The conference schedule is
as follows: Ms. Martus – Monday, October 7th from 9:30-3:30, Ms. Kannalikham – Tuesday, October 8th from
9:30-3:30, Ms. Aihara – Wednesday, October 9th from 9:30-3:30, Ms. Tiffany – Thursday, October 10th from
9:30-3:30, and Ms. Kozicki – Friday, October 11th from 9:30-3:30. Conference sign-ups will be on the downstairs
bulletin board to the left of the elevator. Our honor roll presentation will also be on that week, at 8:30 on
Wednesday, October 9th.
Make-up pictures will be held on Friday, October 11th. If your student missed school pictures, or if the picture
did not turn out well, please be prepared for make-up pictures. If your student is doing a re-take, please have him
or her bring the original pictures to turn in.
We will be participating in the Great California Shake-Out again this year on Thursday, October 17th. The
students will learn exactly what to do in case of an earthquake emergency. We will also be participating the Red
Ribbon week from October 21st through 25th. To celebrate Red Ribbon week, students are encouraged to wear
RED on Thursday, October 24th, if you elect not to participate in wearing RED, than full uniform is required.
Finally, we will end the month with our highly anticipated Halloween Carnival on Friday, October 25th.
Beginning at 9:00 am the students in our infant program through the eighth grade will parade around the
playground. Please bring a change of clothes for your student, as they will change just following the parade. The
carnival will begin at 1:00 pm and run through 4:00 pm that afternoon. All children and their families are invited
to attend all events. It is always such a fun and exciting time for the students. Candy donations are always
appreciated for this event. There will be a candy donation box in the office. We will also be having our annual
Halloween raffle. Some of the prizes will be free field trips as well as donations from local businesses. The
grand prize will be a $300 tuition credit.
On behalf of all of us here at Page, thank you to all of the parents and students for making the first quarter of this
year a fun and memorable one!
Happy Halloween,
James Shafer


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