Page Private School History

In 1908, the Ford Model T went into production, Teddy Roosevelt was president, coffee was 12-cents a pound, and a little school named Page opened its doors.

The next 101 years would prove to be an exciting time as automobiles, telephones, televisions and space flight ushered the world into the technology age.

Indeed, the world has changed dramatically over the last 101 years, and Page has kept pace. But the values and commitment to children that made Page a leader in education for a century have never wavered.

Page Private School traces its heritage back to Robert and Della Page Gibbs, two educators who founded Page Military Academy in a house in Los Angeles, California in 1908. The school quickly grew and in 1917 moved to a multi-acre site in West Los Angeles where the Gibbs values and teaching philosophy could reach even more children.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs’ daughter, Edith, eventually married Earle Russell Vaughan, who she met as a student at Page. After graduating college, Edith Gibbs Vaughan and her husband Earle returned to Page in the 1930’s to continue the Gibbs’ passion for educating children. Over time, they accepted leadership positions and expanded the curriculum while strengthening Page’s core values. The school blossomed under Edith and Earle’s stewardship and became home to hundreds of children, including their own. Due to the Vaughan’s dedication, Page eventually expanded into two day-school campuses, Beverly Hills and Hancock Park.

After finishing their own college educations, the Vaughan children also returned to Page to continue the legacy of their parents and grandparents. Under the third generation of family leadership, Page expanded to Orange County, California in the 1970’s. In the mid-1980’s, Page grew yet again, moving into the Orlando area of Florida, creating a total of six campuses, four in California and two in Florida.

Today, the founders’ great-grandchildren are also working to continue the family legacy. The fourth generation shares a deep sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for the future, especially now that the fifth generation of the family has joined the Page student body.

Across each generation, Page Private School’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with a passion for teaching, has created success for the School and in the lives of its students. Page looks ahead with pride and anticipation as we move forward toward the next 101 years.


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