Morning Dash

Mornings should probably be our most relaxed time as it’s the start of the day. It’s the beginning, it should be smooth sailing into the afternoon versus the stumbling.

Tips to help the mornings run a little more smoothly.

Set yourself up for success by getting the little ones and you into bed at a decent time.

1) Age old but true, pick out clothes the night before

a. If your little one wants to choose – give him/her a choice between 2 outfits.

b. Pack all lunches and backpacks the night before (double check for homework)

2) Breakfast – instant oatmeal is great, so are pancakes – make the pancakes the night before – zip lock bag and place in the refrigerator – microwave – presto breakfast is served.

a. Set your coffee pot on a timer – your cup will be ready when you wake up.

3) Make sure you have gas on your way home the night before.

4) Delegate tasks of preparation – you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Morning dash can become morning fun – preparation is key. Your future morning self will thank you for it.


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