When’s the Last Time You Went to the Library?

You may think – who has time to go to the library in this fast rush pace of a world, I’d suggest you don’t have time not to.  In running around from the car to practices to making it home in time just to make dinner, and prepare for bedtime – you need a moment of stillness and peace.

You may also think in an age of technology books are losing their place.  You still need a bookmark, because books have a depth and substance withwhich websites and screen shots cannot compete.

Libraries may not be as popular as they were when you were a kid, but the benefits are still as popular and not likely to be found elsewhere.  They’ve also expanded to include technology, family activities, and arts & crafts.



  • Teaches children the benefit of a sharing, experiencing & respecting a quiet space with other people.
  • Involves your family in community (that’s not a social network, so real communication exchanges can happen).
  • Develops a love for books, reading and learning
  • Learning about new things increases curiosity.
  • Children discover their own interests and identity, which increases self-confidence.
  • Being at the library teaches them how to find information, which is a vital life skill.
  • When your child has their own library card it gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  • Save money by renting movies
  • Teaches time management due to time limits on computers, etc.


  • There are movies to rent
  • Computers to use (some libraries have sound recording studios).


  • Save time by searching online at your local library and reserving things for pick up.
  • Make library trips a weekly routine

Happy check-outs & returns!


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