5 Fun Back-to-School Traditions to Start with Your Kids This Year

Sweet Encouragement: Sometimes a small treat with an encouraging note is more than enough to let your child know they are loved!

Mom and Me Date: I love this idea of taking each child on a special “Mom and Me” or “Dad and Me” date. Let them choose where and enjoy some one-on-one time with each other before the schedules, practices and homework kick in!

Love Notes: Even some older kids still tend to get nervous on their first day back, but it can be especially scary for the little ones heading off into the world. Love this idea of matching “tattoos” for Mom and child to give some courage throughout the day.

Family Motto: Selecting a mission statement or motto for the year is an interesting idea. Which words would you choose?

Yearly Time Capsule: This is a fun idea! Gather together a few favorite items, recent photos, current likes, etc. and put them in a container to stash away until the next year when you pull them out to see how much everything’s changed. A time capsule, of course!


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