More Quality Time Smells Good!

Well lets face it!  We all want more quality time together with our family, and sometimes with hectic busy schedules, traffic, etc., time seems to continue going whether we’ve gotten our quality time or not.

In fact it’s like we do what we have to, not always what we need to. So here’s an idea to add some of the needed quality time back into your schedule – cooking as a family!  The benefits of cooking together will equal to a healthier mind, body, and relationships for everyone in the family.  It’ll take some patience, but after a while you’ll be glad for the extra hands.  It’ll be a routine that is sure to bring happy memories, new skills, new confidence, laughter, and who knows where else it could go.

Time to roll up your sleeves and your little ones’ sleeves and get in the kitchen!

This website is a great starting place for meal time togetherness with tips for having kids in the kitchen as well as quick recipes.

In the mood for some dessert or maybe you need a new recipe that is kid friendly – Disney has you covered with their family on the go inspired recipes.  Check out their side bar it goes from breakfast ideas to international recipes.  Another helpful site that can add to your family favorite dishes would be all recipes.

Now after dinner – we ALL have to clean up together.  You will be teaching a good life habit and saving time.  How do you get everyone to work together?  We found two moms who have figured out a way to make this work – mom blogger and some words from another mom via video.

We hope you have a wonderful and fun filled dinner tonight, bon appetit!


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