Saving for College?

She’s going to pre-school today and Harvard tomorrow. Are you ready for college? Graduate school? Law school, as some of us lifetime students know, this list could go on.


The price of college today and the price of college tomorrow will most likely be different, but we can be as best prepared as possible.

It’s hard to think 15 years ahead, but you’ll be glad you did.

Have you heard of an Education Savings Account or an Education IRA? Have you considered pre-paid tuition? Well, check out the dos and don’ts of this financial genius before making a financial commitment you may regret. Also on his site you will find other helpful resources to help with debt, savings, and more.

Check out Saving for College, this site will teach you about 529 and several other helpful links about saving college plans. And if you haven’t heard about the Gerber savings plan you need to.

Now after all of your research and reading – what ‘if’ she becomes 18 and decides to open her business or backpack in Europe instead of going to college? We suggest that you consult with a professional before starting any investment plan, but by being knowledgeable you’ll go into the meeting with more comprehension, then you both can come together to decide what is best for your child and bank account.

Oh and one more thought, set your child up to win financially and academically – straight As gets scholarships! What kid wouldn’t want the savings to be given to them as a gift?

Happy Saving, Fully Living! – Page Private School


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