Four Reasons to Garden with Kids!

It’s easy to succeed in a garden. Remember: kids operate on a smaller scale. Planting a pot of lettuce, or a couple of tomato plants, can be a big success!

There’s no better way to understand where food comes from than by growing it. The garden is also a great spot to learn about the weather, soils, insects, worms and more. Added benefit: if a kid grows a healthy veggie, he/she is going to be proud to eat it, too!

Gardening also helps us understand the natural world, and resources available in our community.

School and/or community gardens are great ways to teach responsibility, and the importance of team work. Sharing tasks around preparing the soil, watering, tending plants, harvesting and preparing food from the garden can be both educational and fun! (Kids + dirt = definitely fun).

Page Private School

657 Victoria St.

Costa Mesa, California 92627



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